4th SICH

“Health System Improvement after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recovering Together, Getting Stronger”


Health systems around the world are being challenged by increasing demand for care of people with COVID-19, compounded by fear, stigma, misinformation and limitations on movement that disrupt the delivery of health care for all conditions. When health systems are overwhelmed and people fail to access needed care, both direct mortality from an outbreak and indirect mortality from preventable and treatable conditions increase dramatically. Maintaining population trust in the capacity of the health system to safely meet essential needs and to control infection risk in health facilities is key to ensuring appropriate care-seeking behaviour and adherence to public
health advice


1.Midwifery step up to support pregnant woman after pandemic

2.Public health challenges after covid-19

3.Rebuilding community life may boost health

4.Nurses step up to support after pandemic covid 19

5.Improvement Primary Health care and Hospital encounter new Covid-19 virus variants

6.Economic impact of covid-19 pandemic on healthcare facilities and systems

7.The role of physiotherapy in promotion of physical activity after pandemic covid 19

8.World’s nurses are stepping up to recover covid-19

9.Community pharmacists contributions to disease management after covid 19

10.Impact of covid-19 on pharmaceutical care services and the role of community pharmacies


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